Im not allowed outside after dark because i outshine all the stars and the moon so baby sea turtles always end up flocking to me

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There are 2 types of people in this word

  • people who will help me hide the body
  • people who are the body

Good luck on finding out which one you are

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I want to be so rich that if someone says something stupid i can throw money at them and yell go to college

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“I’m away from the family in Scotland for a few months. I’m just traveling America. I did the same thing four years ago.”“Why did you do it?”“I wanted to feel like I’m 19 again.”“Why the United States?”“Because it’s big and, as Europeans, we have a love affair with America. I think, individually, Americans are probably the most generous people I have ever met. Most of them would give you the shirt off their backs if you needed one. But they elect some bloody awful governments.”

     “We’re not dating, but we’ve come to trust each other in such a way that when people look at us they think, ‘Oh, they’re so close. They must be a couple.’ But an intimate relationship doesn’t have to be sexual—he turns me on intellectually and we wholeheartedly enjoy each other’s company. We feel that we’re each other’s surrogate true loves.”


The World’s Reaction To The ‘Hello Kitty Is Not A Kitty’ News - 


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there are literally two episodes left of this season of teen wolf

and i cannot tell you one significant moment that has happened this season like what have all the episodes been about i feel so blindsided i feel like we’re 4 episodes in what’s even going on is scott still a werewolf what happened to mexico are we just not going to talk about the fact that kate apparently knows like witchcraft what the fuck

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Always is a very long time. It’s the place where I keep my old loves, boys from when I was four or five. When I was young I didn’t realise the bigness of always, the permanence of it. As I grew older and more angry, I would banish some of the people who I loved into the always. Into the hateful consuming dark of an adolescence full of unanswered questions. People always left, especially when I needed them the most. So I would just close myself away and never let anyone look too closely into my eyes or hold my hand for too long. Until recently I stowed away people’s mortality into my always. I stitched their lives into the never-ending fabric of a place where it isn’t meant to be. I didn’t realise that people’s lifetimes could be as tiny as a candle flame. We make that mistake I suppose as human beings. We are brave enough to make plans. It’s dangerous when we become too comfortable with how many tomorrows we have.